Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Archbishop Gregory Singled Out

Read below how Archbishop Gregory is being singled out by the Progressives to be removed from the unity of the primates in order to attack him.

Canadian primate asks Archbishop of Canterbury to convene interventions meeting

Hiltz proposes to gather with Episcopal Church, Brazil, Southern Cone leaders

ptember 10, 2008 [Episcopal News Service] Canadian Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, has asked Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams to facilitate a meeting between him, Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil Archbishop Mauricio de Andrade and Anglican Province of the Southern Cone Archbishop Gregory Venables to discuss cross-border interventions. The Anglican Journal of Canada reported Hiltz's request on September 10. Hiltz, Andrade and Jefferts Schori have repeatedly asked Venables to stop intervening in the internal affairs of their provinces. Venables has, on his own accord, been providing episcopal oversight to churches that are in serious theological dispute with their respective provinces over the issue of sexuality.

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Fresno Mark said...

"Singled out by the Progressives"? Oh please. Give me a break. He singled himself out by his interventions into Brazil, Canada and the USA (including the Diocese of San Joaquin). Who else are the "progressives" going to talk to about these things? And why are talk and discussions something the "non"-progressives find disturbing and "attacking"?

David Katzakian said...

Archbishop Venables has not intervened in the affairs of any diocese or province. In his own words, "All we are doing is to provide a temporary holding place for those who don't accept the blessing of sexual sin. Once there is repentance and a return to biblical principles our intervention will no longer be necessary."

As for talk and discussions, these are the taticts of the revisionists to wear down the Orthodox. The only matter to discuss is when the revisionists will repent and return to the faith once delivered to the saints.