Saturday, September 4, 2010

CAPA Conference Statement

The following is an excerpt from The Conference Statement of the 2nd All Africa Bishops' Conference, which was held in Entebbe, Uganda, August 23-29, 2010. Two statements were released at the conclusion of the conference, both of which may be downloaded at the link provided below. A portion of the CAPA Primates Statement is presented in the preceding post, which follows this one. It is humbling to see not only their commitment to the Church in Africa, but their commitment to Global Anglicanism, as well.

2. The Anglican Churches in Africa will maintain its stand on the protection of Anglican orthodoxy and authority of Scripture as a rule of developing a Christ-centred life to uplift human lives and dignity.

3. The Anglican Churches in Africa recognises its historic contributions to the growth of Christianity right from its inception and propagation of the gospel throughout the continent and, in particular, the role of the African Church fathers and martyrs. We also recall its immense contributions during the missionary era to the provision of social facilities such as education, healthcare and the production of the African elite. Based on this, the Church mobilises its resources and takes its responsibility in shaping the Christian minds of the church worldwide in the third millennium.

4. We affirm the Biblical standard of the family as having marriage between a man and a woman as its foundation. One of the purposes of marriage is procreation of children some of whom grow to become the leaders of tomorrow.

5. Whereas we accept the rationale for an Anglican Covenant, we realise the need for further improvement of the Covenant in order to be an effective tool for unity and mutual accountability.

6. There is a more urgent need today for bishops to listen to their flock if they are to make this the African century of the Christian Church in terms of energy, growth and vision. To this end, lay participation in the ministry of the church is to be vigorously enhanced.

7. While we will always be prepared to listen to voices from other parts of the global Communion, it is pertinent that the rest of the world listens to the unique voice of the Churches in Africa. In this context, the Anglican Churches in Africa commit itself to a renewed engagement in global mission, recognising that in the 21st Century mission goes from "everywhere to anywhere."

8. The African continent continues to grapple with the problem of religious intolerance which, in many cases, negatively affects the rights, the ministry and the welfare of the church. While the conference calls upon Christians in Africa and elsewhere to be tolerant of other faiths, we must stand for the defence of the human and constitutional rights of Christians and churches in various countries. We will not compromise the commitment of the church to global mission.

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Dale Matson said...

"Based on this, the Church mobilizes its resources and takes its responsibility in shaping the Christian minds of the church worldwide in the third millennium."
I think there is a growing realization by the Africans that the African Church is going to take the reins of leadership in the WWAC. I say, "Amen and bring it on!"