Friday, February 22, 2008

The State of the Diocese Given at Every Rural Deanery

Bishop John-David Schofield gave a ‘State of the Diocese’ presentation to the clergy and laity of the Delta Deanery last night.

He gave a historical analysis of the traditional movement within American Anglicanism and the steps that our Diocese has taken to preserve and promote traditional Christian teaching in our churches.

A timeline of +John-David and other North American Bishops’ attempt to find shelter in the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone, along with that Province’s request to not publicize any invitation until it could be formally ratified at their Provincial Synod on November 8, 2007, put the San Joaquin Diocesan Convention less than a month later into perspective. Therefore, the November invitation left the members of the diocese little opportunity to review and discuss the invitation prior to the December convention

Even though the Diocesan move to align with the Southern Cone was done with less than a month’s preparation, the overwhelming majority vote in favor of accepting the invitation highlighted the Convention’s desire for the spiritual covering of Archbishop Gregory Venables and his House of Bishops.

The Constitution and Canons of the Southern Cone were presented. Also, the Diocese of Fort Worth has utilized the time that San Joaquin was not afforded in order to make a careful analysis of the benefits of aligning with the Southern Cone, and Bishop John-David was grateful in being able to share that analysis with the people of San Joaquin.

Finally, the Bishop shared his grief and shock over movements in Anglicanism to deny Christ as the only way to the Father and the truth of Holy Scripture in its role to discipline and instruct the faithful.

A time for questions was given and the Bishop was met with the warm thanks and support of his clergy and people.


Anonymous said...

This is not the truth. When will we hear the truth from the ex-bishop of SJ?

HowardRGiles+ said...

I am the writer of this article. Certainly the Bishop did present these things as I wrote them. Please be more specific.