Saturday, March 29, 2008

From Bishop David Anderson, 28 March 2008

The following is an excerpt:

This disregard for the rule of law by TEC means that KJS and her Chancellor DBB are functioning as police, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner, and most of the other TEC bishops fall in dutifully behind them. One must ask, "Where are the sometime "Windsor Bishops" in all of this? We see no protests except from Bishop John Howe and now from South Carolina; have the "Windsor Bishops" lost their voices? " Speak now or forever hold your peace," would be one way of phrasing it.

Since the legality of the deposition of JDS is in serious doubt at the present moment, the position of Bishop of San Joaquin may not be vacant! How can KJS call a Special Convention for San Joaquin, nominate Bishop Lamb as the next San Joaquin Diocesan, chair the meeting and elect her nominee? This doesn’t look like a good government model for the free world, instead it looks like a pogrom against orthodox Anglican church leaders still in TEC as well as those whose departure was recent (and hastened by the abuse to which they have been subjected).

American journalist Steve Levin of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Jefferts Schori will begin to poll bishops nationally in April in an effort to move the deposition of Bishop Bob Duncan ahead to May. She has perhaps several agendas at work, one being to depose him soon so that the Archbishop of Canterbury has the excuse to "dis-invite" Bishop Duncan from Lambeth publicly and further undercut the orthodox Anglicans. A second reason is so she can declare the Diocese of Pittsburgh vacant and move her minions into position. The Diocese isn’t set to formally decide on staying or going from TEC until the October-November time frame, but without a bishop, she can begin the attempt to undercut the Standing Committee of the diocese.

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Anonymous said...

Why can't you guys leave us Episcopalians alone? The continual harrangue seen on your re-asserter blogs leads one to believe that you are uncomfortable with your decision to go to the Southern Cone. You were the ones who decided to leave, in spite of the rhetoric. You have your own church. LEAVE US ALONE!!!!!

Andy Hook said...

I am constantly amazed at whats going on in TEC. The actions of the Presiding Bishop are unbecoming of a Christian pastor, especially one whose roll is under so much criticism. I am glad that the Diocese of South Carolina has taken a stand to this. I wonder if the Archbishop of Canterbury will say something about this either publicly or privately.