Monday, March 3, 2008

How Now Shall We Live?

Clergy from the newly re-formed Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin met with Common Cause Partner clergy from around the Western States to discuss the vibrant future of Anglicanism in the Central Valley, California, the U.S. and abroad.

Congregations from across the Anglican spectrum shared their experiences with leaving the Episcopal Church and the new ministry that they have been blessed with. Members of the AMIA, the ACN, the CEC, fellow members of the Southern Cone and others were in attendance. They warned of pit-falls and of grief while recommending new submission to Jesus Christ, renewal of prayer and focus on Scripture while protecting and giving thanks for our Bishop, John-David Schofield.

“Ad Spots” were given for church planting conferences, outreach programs, and Men’s and Women’s Retreats. Updates on Anglican Church News, especially the state of and the next steps of the Common Cause Partners were discussed while the membership in the room was a testament to the ‘on-the-ground’ reality of the Common Cause Partnership and the desire for a united Anglicanism in North America.

Clergy from San Joaquin were the given opportunity to ask advice and insight into moving out of ‘wilderness wandering,’ which became the metaphor for the time within TEC, struggling against its heresy and bureaucracy. There was also an opportunity of the sharing of vision for the Diocese of San Joaquin. Among the visions offered were new ways of supporting and strengthening the episcopacy, of encouraging calls to ministry, of finding fellowship and sharing ministry across borders.

On focus through the day were the supreme Lordship of Jesus Christ, the necessity of the Great Commission and the blessing of fellow clergy and of Bishop John-David, who was spontaneously met with a standing ovation!

The day ended with prayer for the lost and those that the Lord is calling us to minister to, for each other, for our churches and for those brothers and sisters who were not with us.

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How incredibly sad.