Thursday, May 1, 2008

Archbishop Greg: 'Why I'll be at Lambeth'

May 1, 2008

by Ruth Gledhill for Times Online

In an interview with me while he was in Canada, Archbishop Gregory Venables explained why he will be attending both the Global Anglican Future Conference next month in Jordan and Israel, and the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, Kent in July.

The Archbishop of the Southern Cone said: 'I will be at Gafcon and also I am going to be at Lambeth. I think that is pretty important from the point of view of you guys [meaning the Press. rg].

'Someone's got to be there to talk to you about what is going on.' [Too right, and initial impressions indicate we're going to have even less access than last time. It's nice to know that at least one Bishop is prepared to sup with us sinners, the few there are left. rg]

AB Greg continued: ''That was one of the reasons why I eventually made a final decision to go, which was only recently.

'I think someone has got to go and show their face and speak to the situation.'

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Anonymous said...

With all due respect, the man you call Archbishop Venables is Presiding Bishop Venables.

Fr Van McCalister said...

The title of this post and the article were written by a Times(British)journalist, who frequently writes about the Anglican Communion. While Bishop Venables is listed as the PB of the Southern Cone, he is more commonly referred to as "Archbishop" by journalists and other Anglicans.

Anonymous said...

Then why do you refer to him as Archbishop on this web site if his correct title is PB?

Fr Van McCalister said...

Most of the "headlines" for the posts on this blog are copied from the original source. If the journalist or editor referred to Bp Venables as "Presiding Bishop" in the original article, that's how we would post it. I realize that he is listed as "Presiding Bishop" on the official Anglican Communion web page for the Southern Cone. However, in the news and on blogs, he is more commonly referred to as "Archbishop" or "Primate". In fact, I do not recall ever seeing a news headline referring to him as "PB".

What I thought was interesting about this post was the fact that +Venables announced he would be at both GAFCON and Lambeth, and his reasons for doing so.