Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Legal Analysis and Opinion on San Joaquin Lawsuit

A.S. Haley has provided a detailed analysis and update on the lawsuit in San Joaquin on his blog: "Anglican Curmudgeon"

The entire article is here.


OWSHF said...

Fr. Van, technically, Anglican Curmudgeon deals only with the St. James' Newport lawsuit/decision in this post, not any pending ligitation involving the Diocese of San Joaquin. He says, "I will have more to say about the full consequences of the decision for other pending California cases later. For the moment, I just want to focus on the problems with the result reached by the Court in this case."

Fr Van McCalister said...

I think you are thinking of a different article. The article linked to this post is a retrospective titled: "A New Low in ECUSA's Tactics in San Joaquin" and was posted prior to the St James' Newport decision.

Dale Matson said...

As I look back on all of this litigation, I am reminded of what Archbishop Duncan said. "They can keep the furniture and we'll keep the faith." Amen +Robert.