Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Archbishop Duncan to the people of San Joaquin

1st July, A.D. 2009

Dearest Friends in Christ,

I wanted you all to know that many outside your borders are praying for you in the present trying season. Please do not lose heart.

If there is anything we have learned it is that "There is none other that fighteth for us, but only Thou, O Lord." The just completed Provincial Assembly was testimony to what our God can do with the likes of us, especially if we do not waver.

St. Paul's counsel at the end of II Corinthians is so appropriate to all the things we have faced and will face: "Be watchful, Stand Firm in your Faith. Be Courageous. Be strong. Let everything you do be done in love."

Thank you for having led the way among dioceses departing from the Episcopal Church. We have all benefited by your efforts. I will never forget the privilege of being present for, and speaking at, that seminal Diocesan Convention in 2007.

Please also know that Archbishop Venables and our brothers and sisters of the Southern Cone continue to intercede for us, even as they shift jurisdiction to these shores.

Faithfully and fraternally in Christ,

[+Robert Pittsburgh]

Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America
Anglican Bishop of Pittsburgh


Anonymous said...

Anyone seen this interview with Bishop Schofield?

Lots of good points about the ACNA meeting last week and our direction in San Joaquin.

Tom Brisson
St. Paul's, Visalia

gurneyhalleck1 said...

That was a great interview, Tom. I used to go to St. Paul's. My wife and I left around 2002 due to the national church crisis, all the craziness. We thought about coming back to St. Paul's as we're tired and weary of St. Mary's and have some issues with Catholicism. But what bugged us was that we sat with several folks at the coffee hour after the Rite II service who told us that they were either ok with or fully supported women's ordination. I think women's ordination is a horrible stumbling block to ecumenical relations with the Orthodox and Catholics. Tradition, Scripture, and common sense go against the idea of female clergy. As a parishoner at St. Paul's, what do you think about this issue? Do you think it will continue to become more popular in our Diocese here or will it eventually die out? That has been our stumbling block keeping us from coming back.

Anonymous said...

Hi, GH. Come back to St. Paul's! I was raised at St. Mary's (Msgr. Dreiling was my vocations director when I was in the seminary 30 years ago.) I returned to Christian faith at St. Paul's over a year ago, and my family and I love the parish.

I know women's ordination is a problem for many Christians; this is certainly something reasonable people disagree on. (It's been argued to death; I don't want to do that here.)

But the lesson of the new province is this issue -- and others -- can't be permitted to get in the way of our mission as a church.

Again, come back, at least to visit. You'll find a vibrant parish, loaded with people who love Christ.

Tom Brisson
St. Paul's, Visalia