Friday, November 12, 2010

An Interview With Morton T. Kelsey by Fr. Dale Matson

This is Part 1. of a two part edited interview I Conducted in 1996 with Fr. Kelsy (1917-2001) at his home in Gualala CA. He authored over 30 books on spiritual life and development. This may be the only interview of him available.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this gift , you were so wise to interview this man who wisely with full heart simply shared with us... through his writings ....the simplicity of the all encompassing freeing message of Jesus the Christ and The GOOD Book.
Many people make a lot of money ( in the new age) by leading others far away from simpicity..keeping people seeking, ensnaring people to be lost...keeping people judgemental, prejudced against the BIBLE..when if they would only open their minds and investagate deeply the WORD ..they would see from whence the ideas of their new age came from .. if they would untwsit them selves and read and stduy with an open mind and heart they would know the revelation of the Bible..which shows the Truth , the Way, the Life..a way of WHOLENESS and HEALTH and WELLNESS and inclusiveness ..and a depth of understading that cannot be found else where on earth..leading to hope ..the ultimate WHOLENESS on earth and in the here after. The Peace that passes all understanding for all.