Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Prayer Of Intercession: Natural Disasters

Fr. Dale Matson

Lord watch over those who have survived. Comfort the grieving. Orient the lost and confused. Placate the angry and give peace to the frightened. Provide meaning and purpose for the suffering that it may be redemptive and not destructive. May they reach out to others that share a common bond and remember those things that allow them to continue and transcend their current station. Give new roots to the uprooted. Restore the workplace and the economy for the sake of their dignity and independence. Extend Your mercy and Send consolations to the broken and broken hearted.

Protect those who search and administer help, from injury, despair and exhaustion. Give wisdom and courage to those who administer relief. Let them not be overwhelmed. Let them receive mercy as they extend mercy.

Knit together those of us who watch or hear from a distance, with those who weep. Help us to lend our prayers and share our goods. Let us not be overcome, walk by or look away. Show us how to help. May we see You in them and shed tears for those no longer able to do so. Lord our sorrow for them runs so deep, we struggle to breathe.

Give eternal peace and rest to those who perished. May they remain with You forever and may they remain with us, hidden and protected in the innermost sanctuary of our hearts. May we be united in heavenly communion with them here and reunited with them when we depart to be with You in Your Heavenly Kingdom. Amen

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