Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Prayer of Petition

Fr. Dale Matson

Lord Jesus come into my heart. Come into my life. Give me Your precious life. Bring the Father with You. Bring the Spirit with You.

Bring Your peace that I may cast my cares upon You. Bring Your life that I may never thirst again. Bring Your heart so my thoughts may be pure before You. Bring the oil of gladness and the balm of Gilead too. Bring Your wisdom that I may avoid wrong actions. Share Your innocence to cleanse my intentions. Bring Your thoughts that my mind will be transformed. Lend Your will that mine may be the same.

Bring Your joy that my sadness will depart from me. Bring Your love that I may see You in others. Bring Your humility that my pride will fall away. Bring Your compassion that I will forget about myself. Bring Your faith that mountains will be removed. Bring Your hope to run the race before me.

Bring Your garments that I may be clothed in righteousness. Bring Your brokenness that I may be made whole. Amen

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