Friday, September 7, 2012

A Pilgrim’s Progress And The John Muir Trail II

Book description

I have completed the John Muir Trail in sections over the last decade. During this time I have been changed by the events of life in general and specifically the JMT. The JMT has unrivaled beauty, requires considerable effort and is a type of spiritual pilgrimage whether one is particularly religious or not. This book is a photographic record of the 211 mile journey from Yosemite National Park in the North to the summit of Mount Whitney in the South. I have also included 10 essays related to specific reflections on experiences in the wilderness and the journey along the JMT as a kind of metaphor for life itself. We are sometimes exhausted and can go no further until we rest. While our vista is beyond description, our path is narrow and the footing uncertain. It is also a statement that to a point less is better. One learns about possessions that the larger the backpack, the larger the burden.
Available now on Amazon with color photographs for those that have a color Kindle. and available as a paperback with B&W photographs.
Fr. Dale Matson

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