Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Prayer Of Intercession: Innocent Victims

Fr. Dale Matson

Lord, watch over the victims who perished at the hands of others. Deliver them from earthly care and distress. May they enjoy eternal felicity in Your presence.

Lord, intend for good the actions intended for evil. Restrain those who would seek to profit from the pain of others. Restrain others who would be attracted to form their own script for evil. May they not view violence toward others as justice or a balm for their own suffering.

Lord comfort and console the survivors. Let them heal from the trauma of the events that have harmed their sense of security and trust. May they be surrounded by love and human warmth. May any physical wounds heal quickly. Let compassion abound and may they laugh and experience joy once again. May each passing day diminish their grief and soften the pain of their memories. May they not experience false guilt for surviving when other did not survive.

Lord help those who are relatives of the victims put their world back together. Let them eventually see some purpose, realize a greater meaning. Do not let hate and anger replace hope and faith in what is left of their lives. Let them only remember the good in those they have lost. Let them cherish and share what memories they have. May they find thankfulness for the time they did share with those who were taken from them. Please help them transcend a terrible grief and seemingly endless nightmare.

Lord help the community come together and recommit to caring for and supporting one another. Let other communities that have suffered as well, reach out and offer their knowing compassion. Let them offer ways to cope.

Lord let us who have suffered from afar not look away from what has happened. Let us see this as our family also. Help us to not defend ourselves with denial, insulate ourselves in our homes, and drug ourselves with distractions. Help us to examine our own lives and private thoughts. Convict us when we fail to care. Let us better understand the toxicity and contagion of violence.  Help us to continue to love and trust others. Let the lessons of this violence yield honesty and humility, not cynicism. May our prayers ascend for peace, mercy and forgiveness.

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy amen.   


Phyllis said...

Thank you Fr. Dale, what a wonderful prayer, in this tragedy, when words fail, by God's grace He gave you the prayer that I needed to pray to release what I was holding inside. Praise be to God!
Bless you,
Phyllis Orr

Dale Matson said...

Phylis Orr,
Thanks for your comments. Fr. Carlos had the prayer included in the prayers of the people yesterday at both services. I attended first service where Fr. Van read the prayer. I was moved to tears as the congregation spontaneously joined in at the end with the concluding Kyrie.