Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Facing the Canon with Archbishop Justin Welby

I thought I would share this interview with those who are interested. It is a good opportunity to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. He has been Archbishop for more than a year now and this interview is a less formal opportunity to hear him speak and get a sense of the man we pray for in our prayers of the people.

My own sense is that he is personable, humorous and humble. There is the obvious British deportment. Canon J. Johns asks some good questions but for the most part avoids the elephant in the Anglican living room which is the break in fellowship within the Worldwide Anglican Communion. The majority of questions focus on Archbishop Justin's experience in the Church of England.

++Welby sees himself as a specialist in reconciliation but there is even disagreement among Anglicans about what constitutes reconciliation. ++Welby defines reconciliation as "Good disagreement." That may be a good business model of reconciliation but that is not what the church means. Reconciliation in the church is preceded by repentance.

He is every inch an Evangelical Anglican Christian. He argues that we are 1. To worship Christ and 2. Spread the Gospel.

Fr. Dale Matson 

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