Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bishop’s Note: Epiphany 2016

Bishop Eric Menees

Yesterday we celebrated the Feast of Epiphany throughout the church. I was blessed to be with my brothers in the College of Bishops at Christ Church in Vero Beach, Florida. In the service we were reminded by Archbishop Beach of the faithfulness of the wise men who traveled from afar searching for the one born to be King of the Jews.

How blessed we are not to have to search, but rather to have been sought out by Jesus himself, who regularly makes himself manifest to us! He makes himself manifest in word and sacrament; manifest when we gather for worship; and manifest when we take the Good News of Jesus Christ, in word and deed, to a broken and fallen world!

I pray you all a truly blessed Epiphany Season, full of Grace and Wonder, as you open your hearts and souls to allow Jesus to be made manifest in your lives!

God bless you all.

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