Friday, January 29, 2016

Bishop's Note: Walk for Life West Coast 2016

Bishop Eric Menees

What a thrill it was to be with brothers and sisters from all over the Central Valley, and especially from diocesan congregations: St. Anselm, St. David, St. John, St. Mark, and the Cathedral!

Catechism Questions: 228 - 230

228.    How should you “learn” the Bible?
I should seek to know the whole of Scripture, and to memorize key passages for my own spiritual growth and for sharing with others.
229.    How should you “inwardly digest” Scripture?
I should ground my prayers in the Scriptures. One time-tested way of doing this is to pray the Psalms, which formed Jesus’ own prayer book. As I absorb Scripture, it becomes the lens through which I perceive and understand the events in my life and the world around me, and guides my attitudes and actions.
230.    Are there different ways to pray?

Yes. Prayer can be private or public, liturgical or extemporaneous; personal prayer can be vocal, meditative, or contemplative. 

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