Saturday, February 23, 2008

Breakaway churches face a new battle

"For 55 years, members of Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church have tithed their 10 percent, money that often went toward maintaining 12 acres of tree-lined church property.

Now they've been told that the church where generations have worshipped does not belong to them – but rather to the national denomination they believe has lost its biblical authority and want to cut ties with."

Sound familiar?

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Anonymous said...

San Joaquin should not leave. Dioces that have abandoned there traditional mission should leave. Some are more rightly called "The Litergical Church of Integrity" not Episcopal.

Anon Member of the Litergical Church of Integrity of El Camino Real.

HowardRGiles+ said...

We have not left, but we remain proclaiming the faith of the Apostles.

I am not familiar with this group, which I assume is 'The Liturgical Church of Integrity?'