Thursday, March 27, 2008

Call for review after trial ‘flouted Church rules’

by George Conger

US Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori failed to follow the procedural rules governing the trial of Bishop William Cox for “abandonment of the Communion” of the Episcopal Church an investigation by The Church of England Newspaper has found.

In a March 12 press conference, Bishop Schori stated she had not followed rules governing the requirement that the 88-year old retired bishop be granted a speedy trial, that he be informed of the charges against him in a timely fashion, and that the consent of the church’s senior bishops be solicited by the Presiding Bishop to suspend him from office pending trial. A subsequent investigation by CEN in conjunction with The Living Church magazine revealed an insufficient number of votes to convict were cast also. . . [edited]

. . . On March 15, Central Florida Bishop John W. Howe urged the Episcopal Church’s three senior bishops to review the case, saying he was under “no illusions that the outcome of the despicable vote to depose John-David [Schofield] and William [Cox] will be reversed, but at least we might want to obey the canons.”

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Call for review after trial ‘flouted Church rules’


T Dillon said...

Fr. Van,
What do you make of the fact that Canon Kearon has yet again removed Bishop Schofield from the list of Bishops and the see of San Joaquin vacant even after the deposition failed. How do they get away with these tactics?
I know that Bishop Schofield considers himself no longer in TEc HoB's but the failure to follow their own canons in the proper amount of votes and refusing to accept his resignation technically leaves him still the eccelestial authority in San Joaquin. To let this go will set precedence for those still left in TEc that will ultimately fall into the same lawless procedure as our great bishop.

What is the word on this from the Diocesan Office?

Anonymous said...

What I find interesting is nobody bothers to question the illegal and sometinrs immoral acts of Bishop Schofield and his minions. You left the Episcopal Church so go on your way and stop playing games with evrybody else that chose to stay. Let God be the judge of us all.

Anonymous said...

Calling people names, ("minions"), is not a good way to get respect nor to be taken seriously. Besides, it says a great deal about your loving and inclusive heart and intenions.
The Lord hears all your words and knows your true heart. I would be very careful.

Blessings to all who cos to remain in TEC. All ar in my prayers!

T Dillon

Fr Van McCalister said...

As one of the "minions" - I wish to go on record as saying we have not committed "illegal and sometimes immoral acts". I am also confounded by the accusation in this, and a similar comment elsewhere, that we are somehow impeding and interfering with those who wish to "Remain Episcopal". The obvious reality is that it is the PB & HOB who are taking action against Bp Schofield and the Diocese of San Joaquin. And, it is Bp Schofield who has graciously released property to those who wish to "Remain Episcopal". Neither did we re-direct internet traffic away from any official Episcopal websites as they did to ours. By the way, the post that we are supposedly commenting on, is from the Church of England News, which certainly is not one of Bp Schofield's "minions".