Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Anglican Conservatives Step Back From Split Threat

by Barbara Bradley Hagerty

All Things Considered, June 30, 2008 · When nearly 300 bishops from Africa, South America and breakaway churches in the U.S. gathered in Jerusalem last week, the big question was: Will they declare schism from the more liberal churches in the West?

The answer turned out to be easy.

"We all sat around the table, and pretty well with one voice, we said, we are not leaving the Anglican Communion," Archbishop Greg Venables, who oversees several countries in South America, said from Jerusalem. "We are not going to break away and form another church."

There had been talk preceding the meeting of a theological divorce. The group did not split because, Venables says, "we are the true Anglicans."

"We don't accept that we can hand over the franchise of Anglicanism to people who suddenly, without consulting anyone, decided to create a new version of Anglicanism," he says.

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Anonymous said...

Do you feel this attitude will develop compromise on both sides?

Fr Van McCalister said...

That is for Canterbury to decide. The bishops of GAFCON have offered what they believe is non-negotiable doctrine for Christians per Holy Scripture. The ABC has been obscure and inactive in these matters. If +++Rowan will take this opportunity to say something definitive reflecting Christian orthodoxy, then I suspect the bishops and archbishops of GAFCON will be open to conversation.

Octavius said...

We are the true Anglicans! I'm glad to hear it said without qualification. They, of coarse, have the money and the power. Sounds like a classic Might vs. Right contest. Can't wait to see this unfold.

It's great to see how God is going to work through all this to bring glory to Himself and show once again the folly of man made religon.