Thursday, February 17, 2011

ACNA recognized by Church of England Synod

UPDATE: Apparently this post is a reprint from last year. The headline and date listed here are from Church News Ireland. The debate and clarification over the "very bad headline" can be found here at Stand Firm.

The following is an excerpt from Church News Ireland -

February 10, 2011

A spirited debate by the Church of England Synod saw the newly formed Anglican Church in North America recognized by all three houses – bishops, clergy and laity in an overwhelming vote.

The final vote was 309 in favour, 69 against and 17 recorded abstentions.

The following is the final draft of the resolution.

“That this Synod aware of the distress caused by recent divisions within the Anglican churches of the United States of America, recognize and affirm the desire of those who have formed the Anglican church in North America (ACNA) to remain within the Anglican family; acknowledge that this aspiration, in respect both of relations with the Church of England and membership of the Anglican Communion, raises issues which the relevant authorities of each need to explore further; and invite the Archbishops to report further to the Synod in 2011.”

The entire article can be read at Church News Ireland


Sibyl said...

It wasn't quite a recognition, but a recognition of the desire of ACNA to be part of the Canterbury Communion.

Sibyl said...

Fr. Matson, The commentors at SFIF say the Irish newspaper has published last year's story.

Fr Van McCalister said...

The title and the story were copied from the 2-10-11 story posted on CNI. David Virtue also reported the story. If we can find the correction, we'll revise. Thanks.

Fr Van McCalister said...

Sibyl - Thanks for the clarification. That explains the curious statement, "report further to the Synod in 2011." When I first read that, I thought they must have meant "later" in 2011. It will be interesting to see if there is any follow-up to that this year.