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Anglican Diocese Of San Joaquin Fall 2016 Clergy Retreat

Anglican Diocese Of San Joaquin

Fall 2016 Clergy Retreat Part I
Fr. Dale Matson
The theme of our retreat was “Following Jesus In The Wilderness: Reflections On Mark 1:12-13”.
Our retreat leader was The Right Rev. David Hicks who has his doctorate in hermeneutics from Westminster Seminary. He is the Bishop of the Diocese of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic (ACNA) and the president of the Reformed Episcopal Seminary. He is currently the chair of the ACNA task force on Holy Orders.
This was our first clergy retreat at St. Anthony Retreat Center in Three Rivers CA. The setting was in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills adjacent to the southern entrance to Sequoia Park.
Our retreat began on Monday afternoon with check in and registration. We gathered for conversation before dinner at 6pm. Our first Session led by Bishop Hicks followed and ended with Compline.
Tuesday began with Morning Prayer followed by breakfast and two additional sessions before Noon Day Prayers and lunch. We had an afternoon break with the Bishops Hicks and Eric Menees available for clergy or an opportunity for personal time Fr. Richard Menees and I chose to drive into Sequoia Park and up the “General’s Highway” to the Giant Sequoias for photographs. The fresh snow was lovely.
We reconvened for Evening Prayer, Dinner, Session 4 and Compline. Wednesday began again with Morning Prayer, Breakfast, Cleanup, Eucharist Service and Lunch. Before each of the Daily Offices we also had an opportunity to sing together.
Many of the clergy had left or were about to leave their property to TEC. I believe Bishop Eric was a good shepherd to his clergy by bringing Bishop Hicks to talk about this as a wilderness experience. In this time of transition we were offered comfort and hope through Scriptural examples of the Exodus of Moses and his people into the wilderness and the temptations of Jesus after being driven by the Spirit into the wilderness. This was a strengthening and refreshing experience for us and provided us with perspective in a time of difficult transition. Bishop Hicks offered the opportunity for clergy to say what was on their hearts and minds as he spoke to us.
I was personally blessed and had an opportunity to reacquaint myself with brothers and sisters in Christ. The new location was a welcome and fitting consolation for our loss of ECCO and the food was superb. Thanks to Bishop Menees, Bishop Hicks, to all the staff at the St. Anthony Retreat Center and Corey from the Bishop’s office for his work. The photos I took that follow give another portrait of our experience. Part II will consist of photos from the lovely grounds.
In His Service

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 Bishop Menees
 Bishop Hicks

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