Monday, December 26, 2016

My Newest Book Will Be Available Soon: The Best Of Mid Sierra Musings

Dale Matson

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This is my second book based on articles from my Mid Sierra Musings Blog. What is different about this book is that I selected the topics based on ‘page views’ over the last three years. The more page views an article received, the more likely I would select that article for inclusion in the book. I don’t believe I have selected any articles previously published in the first book.
I have come to think of myself as a wilderness docent who enjoys helping others who are considering some of the more popular trails in the Central Sierra Nevada. Some trips are day trips, some overnight and some multiday. Almost all of the trips are ‘on trail’.
I have seen how powerful photographs of an area can be in determining someone’s destination and have become an avid photographer at the expense of moving faster and covering more territory. It is good for me to do this as a retired trail runner.
I hope the information and photographs contained here will motivate you to see the areas yourself.
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Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest
Balsam Forebay
Big Pine Lakes Basin
Bighorn Sheep And White Mountain Peak
Courtright To Red Mountain Basin
Crowley Lake CA Views And The Columns
Day Hike On The Rock Creek Trail
Day Hike To Alta Peak
Day Hike To Devil’s Bathtub
Day Hike To Lamarck Lakes
Day Hike To Mt. Givens From White Bark
Edison Lake Loop Hike
Florence Lake To McClure Meadow And Back
Glacier Point Road In Yosemite National Park
Hike To Nellie Lake
Hike To Potter Pass And Twin Lakes
Hiking Mt. Whitney Part II Multi Day
Kaiser Peak Hike
Mammoth Mtn. CA Area
Mono Lake
Mt. Whitney Day Hike
Over Mono Pass From The Mosquito Flat
Overnight Hike To Center Basin
Overnight Hike: East And Reflection Lakes
Overnight In Dusy Basin From South Lake
Pear And Moose Lakes Sequoia Park
Robinson Lake
Sabrina Basin
Highway 395
Views Around Millerton Lake
Yosemite: Day Hike To Ostrander Lake
Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Close Up

Note: The book is now available as a Kindle Book (color photographs) and as a paperback (black and white photographs)

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