Saturday, April 26, 2008

From Bishop Schofield

To the clergy and parishioners of San Joaquin -

We recognize that the news of a lawsuit from the Presiding Bishop and the representatives of Remain Episcopal in Stockton, may be unsettling. However, please be assured that we have been expecting this litigation and the contents contain no surprises. Please know that our legal team has been at work for some time. They are optimistic and remain unperturbed by The Episcopal Church's most recent action. What our legal counsel has accomplished on our behalf is already proving most helpful in defense of property and assets despite the fact that this preparatory work had to be done without the benefit of seeing what the Episcopal Church intended to do.

Furthermore, I want to remind you that in spite of the claims by The Episcopal Church, nothing in their current Constitution and Canons prohibits a diocese from leaving one province and moving to another. Also, just as we stood together for the sake of our witness to the Gospel at our Convention in December, so now will we continue to stand together for that same witness. I will continue to respond to those who disagree with us in a Christian and charitable manner and I trust that you will, as well.

Thank you for the trust that you have placed in me as your bishop and senior pastor, and know that I will continue to honor that trust with God's help.

Faithfully, yours in Christ,



Anonymous said...

These properties were never meant for the South American church, and you know that. They were held in trust for us in TEC. THAT is why you had to change various types of paperwork... DOH!

Fred Schwartz said...

You have mis-identified the originator of the lawsuit. It is neither the presiding bishop nor is it the remain epsicopal group. The orginator of the lawsuit is the same group that changed the corporate sole back to the correct title/owner. The originator of the lawsuit is the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin. Since you would probably not sue yourselves, you must not be the originator of the lawsuit. So, at least please get the information correct so that your minions can understand what is going on rather than what you would like for them to think is going on.

Walt in Exeter said...

God bless our beloved Bishop!

Thank you, +John-David, for your faithful witness. Christians from many denominations love and respect you.

My wife and I are praying for a quick recovery from your accident in Denver.

Anonymous said...

This could have all been avoided if the good bishop had resigned and left the faithful to their Episcopal Church. It still amazes me how the truth is continually twisted.

David Katzakian said...

First of all, the Diocese of San Joaquin's move to the Province of the Southern Cone is a temporary measure until TEC repents (highly unlikely) or new Orthodox Province is established (which is in the works).

Second, the people of the Diocese are the ones who paid to build the churches and schools. Nothing came from the so-called national church. Therefore, TEC has no claim to any of our property. Also, Bishop Schofield has said on several occasions that any church may leave and take its property and people with it as long as it leaves no debt for the Diocese.

Third, TEC has violated its own Canons from not properly passing the Dennis Canon to Bishops Schofield's and Cox's depositions to the so-called convention held in Lodi. None of it is valid.

Anonymous said...

Sir, if the bishop is good, he could not resign and leave the flock without a faitfful shepherd. A good shepherd stays with his flock, regardless of the cost to his own life.

Further, I would remind you that the decision to seek refuge was voted on by the diocese, and the vote was clear and faithful. THey are still in fellowship with the anglican communion, having found a via media that allowed for such, and for the hope of restoring that which was broken.

I am not anglican or episcopalian, but I applaud their action to seek first God's reign. They have done this with a level of charachter that is well defined by hil. 4:7-8.

howiefromsanjoaquin said...

I would surmise from Mr. Katzakian's comment regarding the Orthodox Province, that this will also enable those with interest to develop an alternative province which would include parishes in the Southern Cone where dissatisfied Anglicans may worship unfettered in spirit and in truth. There is a great desire for this in Argentina!