Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Search For Maggie Caslon

Dale Matson

"This is a story about the search for one of the most famous personalities of our time, Maggie Caslon. She was beautiful, talented, young and rich. Her disappearance was a mystery. The world held it’s collective breath as the search unfolded. It is also the story of those ordinary anonymous souls who were in the world’s spotlight for a brief period of time because they were associated with the search for her. This is also true of her boyfriend Ryan who was referred to as a “male companion” in the first newspaper account of her disappearance. I have included photographs I had on hand and ones I took during the search to illustrate the story." [from the book]

I have just published my 11th book. It is my first book of fiction and available from Amazon books in paperback or Kindle formats. It is a fictional story however, that is true in three respects. I am a priest in the book and a priest in real life. The locations in the story are real and I have a first hand acquaintance with them as a backpacker, hiker and searcher. The search process as described in the book is also real and as a volunteer member of the Fresno County Sheriff's Search And Rescue Team, I have real experiences with search and rescue.

The story is told through my eyes as a searcher. In the book, I took the name "Tom Hardy". Tom is a real person and a lifelong friend. He is a cool person with a great name. In the book I wear two hats as a narrator and a priest who is also a searcher. It was fun to write this story. Preaching is a kind of story telling also. Every time I preach, I get to tell the greatest story of all; the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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