Saturday, November 25, 2017

Update on The Movement for a Renewed Orthodox Anglicanism

22 November 2017

Dear Dale E. Matson,

I am sorry that there has been radio silence for so long since you signed up to support the letter published in the Telegraph, over the summer. Please forgive us.

I would like to bring you up to date with some of the things that have been going on since that time - which are encouraging and are matters that can be prayed about:

The ReNew conference highlighted serious problems in the C of E and urged delegates to stand firm for the Gospel.

Rod Thomas is operating in a number of Dioceses, offering encouragement to biblically faithful C of E churches.

The Free Church of England (FCE) are becoming better known and providing a pathway for people to remain faithfully Anglican, outside of the C of E.
AMiE now have a Bishop and are developing their mission and planting plans. One new church is in Scarborough:
Jesmond are developing a new model of faithful episcopacy within the Church of England.

Gavin Ashenden has revealed that he has been consecrated as a Bishop and continues to encourage many.

The Unity Forum consisting of orthodox Anglican leaders inside and outside the C of E has met twice and is meeting again in December to develop its partnerships.

A new FCE church has been established in Tunbridge Wells:

Gafcon UK are gathering delegates for the Jerusalem Conference where it is hoped more people will be enthused by a new vision for global orthodox Anglicanism, not necessarily tied to Canterbury.

All of the above are evidence that increasing numbers of Anglicans are seeking ways of being faithful Anglicans, with the realisation that there are serious problems in the C of E. Please pray for us as we seek to extend God's Kingdom and as we seek to maintain the unity of the Spirit.

Rev'd Dr Peter Sanlon
Vicar of St. Mark's (C of E) & Rector of Emmanuel Anglican Church (FCE)

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